Response Transformations – Why One-To-One Marketing Reaps Results


Response Transformations – Why One-To-One Marketing Reaps Results

When customers provide their email addresses, this may be ansetting point. They may be interested in your products or services, and/or they may be interested in your services but they don’t know about your offerings yet. When this is the case, a one-to-one marketing campaign that is established with one specific contact can reap results.

Executing a one-to-one marketing campaign is the optimal marketing campaign to begin with. This type of campaign requires that you have an open and honest dialogue with the individual. You should conduct your campaign in a conversational manner, making an incredible effort to put him/her at ease (hopefully we have established that the individual is a great fit for your company and that you are the right sales candidate).

You do not have to conduct a one-to-one marketing campaign with all of your contacts – just one or two. Many experienced marketers will only have hot prospects so it may not be necessary to approach everyone. It is fairly common to only find out that a prospect is not a direct fit after 3 or 4 Meetings.

Iform the first campaign to the individuals Ire’san interested in my services. I do not go to the pitch stage. I’ll answer your questions, show them products, etc. This is a no-no. Customers don’t need to see how you can solve their problems or how you can benefit them as a business, they want an appointment to find out more. (In fact, you may be AWARE that the vast majority of the prospects you identify for your company or services, may be best served by an experienced like yourself who has an open friendly conversation with them, if you are a good fit)

The reason that I find it so important to only engage with individuals when I have a good chance to close the sale is that if the prospect isn’t a good fit and/or isn’t interested in working with you yet, after your conversation, you’ll have wasted significant time. And when your time is spent with uninterested prospects, it’s NEVER a good use of time. Two additional added reasons to be honest and open. If you are honest and open, you will change the way you conduct your business, which will leave more opportunities to make sales. If you disclose the details of the business that may suit your prospects, you will find more interested prospects who want to talk with you.

Knowing who your target market is is only half the battle. You also have to know one or two things about your target market in order to implement an effective campaign. If you have prepared yourself with the necessary information in order to see the individual as a prospect, and you understand their needs, you will have confidence that you can provide a solution that suits her/his specific goals and needs.

For every person that you identify as a potential prospect, make a commitment to meet with that person and schedule a time to do it – scheduling a time for one-to-one discussions with just a few of your prospects is great sales time. These few meetings are also great developmental time, where you can test the waters, gain feedback, gather the feedback you need to tailor your message, etc. These meetings do not have to take an excessive amount of your valuable free time, and can be done while on your coffee break, in the reception area, or while taking a deep stretch break – getting a chance to briefly meet with a hot prospect is very valuable time!

Depending on the circumstance (and potential responses), you may have to move quickly, but the more you know about your prospects and the more you know about your business, the more confident you will be in moving forward. And do not be intimidated by techniques that require a certain type of relationship to be implemented. While you may have commitments to individuals, there are going to be enough prospects for your at any given time.

As the saying goes, “Do unto others as you would want them do unto you.” And this really is so true! So do not treat your prospects as if they are a commodity to be purchased or sold! Make the commitment to ensure that you treat your prospects the way that you would like to be treated!

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