What is the time it takes to remove mold?


What is the time it takes to remove mold?

Top Factors that Define the Time It Takes To Remediate Mold:

1. What is the cause of your mold? Was it sewer wastewater or freshwater? If the mold was caused by sewer wastewater, the project can take an additional 2-7 days.

2- Does it only involve surface mold? What size area is it? For larger areas, surface mold removal can take up to 3 hours. Larger areas may require 2 days.

3- Where is the mold located ……. ? Below we’ll show you the days it takes to remove mold based on it’s location.


Expect to wait between 1 and 7 days for small areas, and up to 7 for larger areas within an attic.

MOLD REMOVAL CROW SPACES: It can take anywhere from 1 to 10 days, depending on how large the area is and whether it is confined or open.


TUB/SHOWER: Depending on the thickness of biofilm, you can expect to wait between 2 and 1 day.


BY KITCHEN & BATHROOM CABINETS: Take 1 to 4 days for the removal

REMOVAL OF MOLD INSIDE WALLS AND CEILINGS: Depending on the amount of materials to be removed and accessibility, it could take up to four days.

REMOVAL OF MOLD BEHIND A WATER HEATER: Expect to wait 1 to 2 Day. Either easy access or difficult access

REMOVAL OF MOLD UNDER KITCHEN OR BATHROOM SINKS: Expect to wait between 1 and 3 days

MOLD REMOVAL IN AN ENTIRE HOME: You can expect to wait between 4 and 9 days depending on how large your home is and how many contents you have. This is for an average Los Angeles home measuring 2800 sq. ft. For mold services in Los Angeles or mold remediation Sherman Oaks, reach out to a professional.

REMOVAL OF MOLD FROM HVAC & DUCTING: Expect to wait between 2 and 4 days

CAN MOLD REMOVED ACTUALLY IN A DAY? Yes, absolutely. You can get amazing results with the right equipment and antimicrobials in as little as one day.

WHAT IS MOLD REMOVAL PROCESS? Mold removal can be done in the following steps:

1. Use personal protective equipment

2. Use a 6 mil. poly plastic to create a barrier or containment.

3. Air scrubber for 3 with HEPA filtration.

4. Use Hepa vacuuming to remove contamination and keep the area contained.

5. Certified anti-microbial wipedown for 5-micro molds

6. Remove, cut, bag, and dispose all materials that are compromised

7. Use a mold neutralizer to perform electrostatic fogging

8. Perform a post-mold test using a third-party accredited mold laboratory to confirm that all mold was successfully removed.

HOW LONG DOES WOOD MOLD TAKE TO RELEASE? Our rapid mold agent certification is a quick one. It takes only a few minutes to do small areas and several hours to do large areas. The technique will also determine how long it takes. The time it takes to remove mold growth from the surface is also important.

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As you can see, mold removal can take anywhere from 2 to 3 days. You need to ensure that you have all the necessary equipment and materials to do a thorough job. You should ensure that you only hire the best company to handle your mold removal problem. Also, request a time frame on the agreement so you can hold them responsible.

We hope this answer all your questions. If you have any further questions, please contact the 911 Restoration Los Angeles Area at (818)-264-4100. As always, we are here to assist you.