When Not To Use An Offshore Call Center


When Not To Use An Offshore Call Center

Let’s face it, B2B telemarketing is a powerful tool. Because of its ability to increase revenue immediately, a lot of companies have started to use it for their lead generation campaigns. However, sometimes in business, you may hear language like “Pricing is not an issue, so I will just use an offshore call center for the campaign”. This is a big no-no for conversion experts. This may sound trivial, but we are living with more and more customers in the business world that are international in nature. Especially in Europe, a lot of businesses are evolving and they cannot just say “price is not an issue”. An offshore call center can create a negative impression when used for pricing campaigns. You can be sure that your revenue will just drop once your customers hear about this. Making contact with potential customers is important. It’s why they need to have an actual human being talk to them. An offshore call center can just cost you your productivity.

If you already have a marketing plan in place, then you should go ahead with it, but after planning, you are not sure how you would call up your prospects to make sales. You are in luck if you are in telemarketing and customer care. An offshore call center already has you covered. This means that they can give you a variety of plans to choose from. Unfortunately, there are cases when a lot of businesses can’t find the right Telemarketing company to entrust their campaigns to. If possible, you should get only one company to do the campaign for both lead generation and sales. Doing this, you can look deeper to find out what really works best for your business. In this time of computers and call centers, you have false claims and misconceptions about telemarketing. So at the beginning, you should make statistics by yourself. After that, you should heatedly criticize your other alternatives.

Aside from poor reputation in the industry, offshore call centers for lead generation and appointment setting sometimes gets a low priority. It’s a common business solution that has been used by many companies. But in fact, it is still possible to get more leads than your competitors. And this is possible but dependent on your strategies. An offshore call center is playing a very practical role to increase company sales. If you are not taking advantage of this business equipment, then you would not be a step ahead of your competitors.

If you have already heard about the great benefits of using an offshore call center to generate leads, you may find it hard to forget their limitations. Here are some of those.

1. Cost- This is a common misconception about lead generation: convincing a prospect to first set up a meeting in order for your company to find out what actually makes him interested to do business with you. Yes, during the first encounter, the customer is already giving you signals to know whether you can take his business if you will get to talk to him and they gather all the basic information from him. This is true to the telemarketing process. Now if you can not charge your client a fixed fee or you don’t have a fixed amount, you just are not at the right place to challenge your true value.

2. Unreliable lead generation might lead to unnecessary loss of both time and money.

3. Miss-leading. If you will not submit the leads to your client in time, an offshore call center will immediately send the badly ranked leads to your client. But for the leads they have requested for, the reports show that about 70% of leads have already been contacted. This means you will be spending more to them with little leads than to your client.

4. However, in order for your company to succeed in this way, they have to go through your marketing campaign. Also, these schedules will not allow you the luxury of having many business days.

These are some of the common misconceptions and almost always lead to failure for most businesses. Now that you know what your actual problem is, you should re-think about where you should apply your marketing campaign. Remember, a lead generation campaign alone cannot guarantee a good profit with just a call center. However, if you have already set up your own marketing strategy, then you have already taken away a big part of the risks of leads going out of the leads list and are making your load easier to manage. These are the main reasons why most companies often choose to outsource lead generation campaigns. But there are also a few more considerations that you will need to make.

1. Low quality landing page means more work for your lead generation campaign.The landing page needs to be an informative and straightforward one that is very relevant to the leads that you will indeed get.

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