How To Turn OFF Galaxy S20 Keyboard Vibrations


How To Turn OFF Galaxy S20 Keyboard Vibrations

Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+ Plus features a vibrating keyboard that causes the smartphone to vibrate whenever you touch it or click it. The Galaxy S20 keyboard vibrations are a result of a feature that was developed to alert you that your keyboard has been touched. 

Some people don’t like the vibrating keyboard on the Galaxy S20. To avoid this happening again, you can disable it. Here’s how to disable vibrations in Galaxy S20+ Plus.

How To Turn Off Samsung Galaxy S20 Vibration:

  • Turn on Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+
  • Open the Menu page
  • Go to Settings
  • Select Sound
  • Choose Vibration Intensity

Simply click on the button in the top left corner to disable or turn off vibrations on Galaxy S20+ Plus. You may also wish to disable notifications and alerts by turning off vibrations.

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