Oakley Replacement Nose Pads


Oakley Replacement Nose Pads

You will be happier when the sun is shining. Your first instinct is to reach for your sunglasses. After that, you can continue enjoying your day. Broken sunglasses are probably the most damaging thing to a sunny day.

It was when I tried to take off my sunglasses that it happened. Because the screw was out of my Oakley sunglasses and also the arm fell off, I was no longer able to wear them. I was bummed, as it meant it was now time to get some new Oakleys. The problem was that I couldn’t afford to buy new ones at that point.

I started to think about what I could do to find a replacement screws that would fit my Oakleys. I went to several glasses shops looking for a replacement screw. None of them had any. Next was to find out if there were any places that could sell screws, like a hardware retailer. No luck. I was tired of looking everywhere for screws.

Oakley Replacement Nose Pads

Just when I thought I would give up trying to find Oakley replacement nose pads, I found a web site that sells Oakley screws called GlassesTools.com. The cost of the screws was not too high, at less than $10. I thought to myself, I could either buy new sunglasses for around $200 or test the screw and see if that works. This would allow me to save money and make my sunglasses as good as new.

I placed an online order to get the Oakley nose pads replacement within a couple of days. The whole process of installing the screws went very smoothly. It only took a few seconds and, with the accompanying screwdriver, I was back in my Oakleys. I was extremely happy with my purchase. It solved my problem, saved me money, and allowed me to enjoy the sunshine again.

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