How To Fix Fast Battery Drain On Galaxy S20+ Plus


How To Fix Fast Battery Drain On Galaxy S20+ Plus

Samsung recently introduced two new flagship smartphones, with the Galaxy S20 as well as the Galaxy S20+ Plus. Although these new smartphones are top-notch, the Galaxy S20+ Plus has a dying battery.

Some of these issues may be related to Android software bugs or the type of apps that are used. We will be discussing several methods to solve a quick battery drain in the Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus.

Reboot Galaxy S20+ Plus

Factory resetting the Samsung Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S20+ Plus can be a good option if the battery on your Galaxy S20+ Plus is running low. Another reason to factory reset the Galaxy S20+ Plus is to get a fresh starting on your device.

Disable Bluetooth , Location, Bluetooth

The Galaxy S20+ Plus is extremely sensitive to Internet usage, such as for location tracking, LTE Internet or bluetooth. While you may occasionally need these services, it is not a good idea to turn them off. This will allow you to test how long the battery lasts without having to sacrifice battery life. To disable Location (GPS), you can switch the phone to power saving mode. It will only wake you up when you need it, such as to navigate. Bluetooth is another big battery killer.

Disable WiFi

If you have the WiFi on, the Galaxy S20+ Plus will lose its battery. The majority of people don’t need Wi-Fi to be connected automatically to all available Wi-Fi networks. It is a good idea to turn Wi-Fi off when not being used. 

Use Galaxy S20+ Plus Power Saving Mode

The “Power saving Mode” feature offers many great options to repair a dying Galaxy S20+ Plus Battery. There are also options to limit background data. You have the option of limiting background data. This can be set up manually or automatically.

Disable Or Manage Background Sync

Your Galaxy S20+ Plus battery will still be draining if these apps are open. You can help reduce the battery drain on your Galaxy S20+ Plus by closing these apps when they aren’t being used. You can disable sync by opening the quick settings, dragging down the menu and using two fingers to swipe down to select Synchro. You will notice a significant increase in the battery life of your Galaxy S20+ Plus when you disable Facebook backgroundsynchrony.

Reduced Tethering

Your Galaxy S20+ Plus should be able to reduce the amount that it tethers. While the tethering option is great for connecting other devices, it drains your Galaxy S20’s battery quickly. A quick fix for a dying Galaxy S20+ Plus battery is to turn off the tethering function or reduce the time it’s being used.

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