How To Fix Gray Battery Problem On Galaxy S20+ Plus


How To Fix Gray Battery Problem On Galaxy S20+ Plus

Many of the Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus smartphones are working fine. However, some customers have complained about their Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ Plus devices not charging correctly. Many users are interested in how to fix the Samsung Galaxy S20’s grey charging issue. Some users claim that the grey symbol on the battery is making the phone vibrate. One user said that after dropping his phone from his hand, his Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus did not charge- grey battery started to bother him.

Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus is not charging- grey problem

Problem with Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus charging- grey battery is due to a damaged charging cable or charging port. Another possibility is that there may be debris or dust at the charging port, making it impossible to make a connection.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus grey charging problem:

USB Clean Port

If your Galaxy S20+ Plus has fallen and you have an Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus problem with its charging- grey battery, then it could be that something is blocking your connection to the Galaxy S20+ Plus. This could be due to debris, dirt, or lint. You can fix this problem by inserting a small needle or click into the USB charging port and moving it around. This is usually the problem when the Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus doesn’t charge properly. You should be careful when cleaning the USB port.

Changing cables

First, make sure you check your charging cable if the Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus does not charge properly or has a greyish appearance. It is possible that the charging cable has become damaged and should be replaced.

Take out the Galaxy S20+ Plus battery

Some users reported that the Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus grey battery problem was solved by taking out their battery. This method is more complicated than with previous Galaxy models.

Complete a Low-Battery Dump

Clean System dump is an alternative solution.

  • Turn on Galaxy S20+ Plus
  • Dialer
  • Enter *#9900#
  • Scroll down, and click “Low Battery Dump”.
  • Select Turn On
  • Partition your Wipe Cache

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