How To Fix Power Button Not Working On Galaxy S20


How To Fix Power Button Not Working On Galaxy S20

There may have been issues with the power button on Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus. Some users have reported that their Samsung Galaxy S20 power button does not work. According to some, the Galaxy S20’s power button doesn’t work when it’s pressed on the side. The Galaxy S20 won’t turn on and respond. The Galaxy S20’s screen lights up but the Galaxy S20 is not turning on when you hit the power button. The Galaxy S20 doesn’t respond to when you make a phone call. However, the screen appears to remain black.

Galaxy S20 – Power Button Broken

Here are some suggestions for fixing a Galaxy S20 broken power button. It is possible that the problem occurs after installing a bad application. It’s a good idea to bring your smartphone into Safe Mode so that the power button can be tested.

While it is unknown if malware or apps are the root cause of this problem at the moment, Safe Mode can be used as a way to verify if an app is malfunctioning. A second option is to set the phone to factory mode in case the problem persists. Once the phone has been reset you should ensure it is up to date with the latest software updates from your carrier. You might want to consult your service provider about the most current system update version on the Galaxy S20+ Plus.

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