How To Use Galaxy S20 Calculator App


How To Use Galaxy S20 Calculator App

The Calculator App is an excellent feature that is already included on the Galaxy S20+ Plus. The Galaxy S20 scientific calculator does a great job at helping with mathematics in difficult situations.

You would have to download an application to use the Samsung Galaxy S20 as calculator.

Now, you can use a widget instead to add a shortcut to the Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S20+ Plus. It appears like an icon for apps, but it turns your smartphone into one.

This guide will demonstrate how to use your Galaxy S20’s calculator with its built-in widget. You can also use the Galaxy S20+ Plus feature.

How To Use Calculator On Samsung Galaxy S20 And Galaxy S20+ Plus

First, enable the rotating function on the Galaxy S20+ Plus to use the calculator. By activating “Rotate the screen” in your status bar, you can do this. First, turn on your Samsung Galaxy S20 to use it as a calculator. Next, hold the smartphone transversely and the scientific calculator will appear on the display. It can also perform calculations with root sine, cosine, tangent, and other mathematic properties.

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