How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus Overheating


How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus Overheating

The Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus can overheat after prolonged usage. If the Galaxy S20+ Plus is left in heat for a prolonged period of time, the Galaxy S20+ Plus will overheat. Here are some tips to solve overhearing issues with the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ Plus.

How can you fix the Galaxy S20+ Plus heating problem

You may have a third party application causing the Galaxy S20+ Plus to overheat. You can check this by pressing the Power button. After that, tap and hold Power on until you see Reboot To Safe Mode. Tap Restart. In the lower right corner it should display safe mode. If the problem doesn’t persist, you can assume it’s caused by a 3rd-party app. To find the cause, uninstall one after another or do a factory set.

Before factory resetting the Galaxy S20+ Plus, you should wipe the cache partition. Turn off your Galaxy S20+ Plus. Next, press and hold the Power , Volume Up , Homebuttons. When the Samsung logo is displayed at the top with blue recovery text, let go. The Recovery Menu allows you to scroll through the Volume up buttons and highlight wiping cache partition. Next, press power to select the item. Once it’s complete, highlight Reboot system now then Power.

The Vitas for Samsung Mobile app can provide additional guidance.

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