How To Personalize Lockscreen On Galaxy S20+ Plus?


How To Personalize Lockscreen On Galaxy S20+ Plus?

There are many different options for customizing the Galaxy S20+ Plus lockscreen. It’s important to customize the Galaxy S20’s lock screen. You can add icons and widgets to make it more user-friendly. You can also alter the Galaxy S20+ Plus lock screen wallpaper.

Navigate to the settings and search for “Lock screen”. You will see a list listing different features you could add to the Galaxy S20+ Plus lock screen.

  • Dual clock – shows both current and home times zones for those who are traveling
  • Size– This makes it easier and more readable to see.
  • Show The Date – This is self explanatory.
  • Shortcut – allows you instantly unlock to your camera
  • Owner information – Allows users to add Twitter handles or other information on the lockscreen
  • Unlock Animation: This alters the overall look and feel for the unlock effect and animation. We prefer watercolor.
  • Additional info – allows you add or remove weather information from the lockscreen.

How to Change Galaxy S20+ Plus Lock Screen Wallpaper

You can change the Galaxy S20+ Plus wallpaper in simple. To change the wallpaper on the Galaxy S20+ Plus, press and hold the Home screen’s empty area. This will open the Edit mode, where you can add widgets or change your homescreen settings. Select “Wallpaper” and “Lockscreen”.

Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus comes with a variety of wallpaper options. You can also choose from other images or use any image you’ve taken on your Galaxy S20+ Plus. Once you find the image you desire, you can click on the Set Wallpaper option.

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