What is the likelihood of finding asbestos in a home?


What is the likelihood of finding asbestos in a home?

To identify and disclose asbestos in California, a person must have been licensed by the EPA. Because they are licensed by the EPA, some inspectors can offer asbestos testing. Many inspectors don’t have this license and testing for asbestos is usually beyond the scope of an inspector because of the need to be licensed.

Verify the licensing of any home inspector who offers asbestos testing.

Asbestos testing can be requested in many cases before the home inspector starts. It can also be requested if an inspector finds areas of concern.

Asbestos materials can be found in structures and houses built before 1978. Asbestos is still widely used and can be found in structures built after 1978.

It is recommended that licensed asbestos inspectors/contractors further examine structures and houses built during this period for asbestos materials.

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